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 They Key Orbs ( by Moerkey ) were assembled by hand, silver-soldered in molds sculpted in a single-car garage in Australia, polished and lacquered, and carefully cradled in wooden boxes. The orbs traveled a long distance to Bethesda, like most of those passing under them on the way to their rooms upstairs.
 The key holes act symbolically and visually as portals, the promise of mysteries unveiled. Accent inserts and hand rubbed metallic edges create a play of colorful fragments that appear to have escaped from the landscape of the moss wall, fluttering across the panels to dissipate into the world at large.
 The Key Panels are conceived in reflection to the globes. They are integrated in the architecture as elevator enclosures, visualizing the movement between floors and referencing the intricate, cast iron structures historically used around these great conveyors.
 Fabrication Credits: Ion I. Moraru, Andrew Cryan. David Forstrom (Labco Welding, Inc)   Copyright Bract-Ambitus 2018
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