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Atelier Cue is a collaborative design and fabrication studio specializing in place-making, branding, and the creation of architectural works of art. 

Partners Ioana Barac and Marissa Dionne Mead founded the Atelier as a stage for connecting the art of design and the craft of making. Essential to our method is a process of experimentation, prototyping, and fabrication which ensures a sense of both high-design and hand-craft in our work.

No item being preconceived, each installation is influenced by the unique community, site, and architectural background in which it will come to life. Similarly, the design team for every project is distinct: a creative collaboration led by Atelier Cue between client, community, and Cue's network of fabricators, curated specifically for each project.

The Cue: from curlicue, a prevalent graphic in the visual and decorative arts which can be both precise and unpredictable. 

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