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Atelier Cue is a collaborative design and fabrication studio specializing in place-making, branding, and the creation of architectural works of art. 

Partners Ioana Barac and Marissa Dionne Mead founded the Atelier as a stage for connecting the art of design and the craft of making. Essential to our method is a process of experimentation, prototyping, and fabrication which ensures a sense of both high-design and hand-craft in our work.

Each of our installations is influenced by the unique community, site, and architectural background in which it will come to life. Similarly, the design team for every project is distinct: a creative collaboration led by Atelier Cue between client, community, and Cue's network of fabricators, curated specifically for each project.

The Cue: from curlicue, a prevalent graphic in the visual and decorative arts which can be both precise and unpredictable. 

Cue Bio


Ioana Barac is a designer and fabricator with expertise in conceptual creation and spatial development, from 2D pattern and shallow relief to elaborate, large scale 3-dimensional sculptural works. Ioana has a Master of Architecture from Yale University where she received the Moulton Andrus Award for Excellence in Art and Architecture.


Marissa Dionne Mead is a licensed architect and a sculptor experienced in multiple mediums, including wood, aluminum, bronze-casting, and fiberglass. She earned a Bachelor of Architecture with honors from the University of Notre Dame, with a concentration in Furniture Design.


Ioana and Marissa first met and collaborated under the mentorship of famed local ornamenter Kent Bloomer and master craftsman William Jelley with whom they worked as Bloomer Studio’s principal design associates for 10 and 3 years, respectively. The most prominent projects they collaborated on at Bloomerstudio were the sculptural ornamentation for Slover Memorial Library in Norfolk, VA, and for Flats 8300 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda, MD.

Their shared experience in ornamenting buildings, parks, and bridges, and their shared passion for the hand-made object led to the founding of Atelier Cue. From concept sketches to installation, their work is developed through physical and digital visualizing, model-making and prototyping, employing new and traditional technologies of fabrication.

The Atelier’s most recent large-scale commissioned works are the art and place-making fixtures for the lobbies of two new buildings in North Bethesda, MD: Canopy by Hilton and The Condominiums at 930 Rose Avenue. Current collaborations include the Victims of Gun Violence Memorial in New Haven, CT and The Middle Passage Memorial in Newport, RI.